“If you like your music powerful, evocative, and honest these are the picks for you… I have no doubt that Anca will become a household name in the not-to-distant future.” – Six8

“Anca’s delicate vocals are enchanting as they skitter across the soundwaves.” – Eclectic Music Lover

“Her music is unlike anything else of a similar genre right now – the way her voice sounds, the inflections used in her performances, the way her songs are crafted, how they develop, the way her lyrics appear. You get a sense that these are somewhat unedited versions of the truth, of genuine encounters. It’s incredibly valuable, and hugely appealing for anyone looking to discover new music that actually speaks openly – from a place of genuine human experience; however difficult or regrettable those experiences may have been. We’ve all done things we regret, or struggled with reality on occasion, so rarely though is it spoken about, particularly in music.” – Stereo Stickman


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