Classical pianist gone rogue, Anca is a Sydney based singer-songwriter sharing her unfiltered feelings and experiences through her raw and often gritty piano ballads. Lyrically her songs act as a means for her to deposit overwhelming feelings and relive them only when she performs them, making each performance a personal experience. Anca has an honest and unique way of weaving words, coupled with an atmospheric and often darker sound and quirky vocal style that has been captivating audiences across the country. When her heart breaks on stage, the audience’s hearts break with her. Prepare to be moved with a live performance that carries a rawness and honesty with something a little bit magical.

Fresh from performing on the UBERfest Winter Tour and the Northern Beaches Music Festival, Anca announced her first single of the year “Alcohol” would be released on April 13 on all major platforms, marking the start of her transition from piano ballads to organic indie rock. Release day saw Alcohol reach #26 on the Triple J Unearthed overall charts, #7 on roots, #9 on rock and pop, and #16 on indie. Alcohol then went on to peak at #11 overall, #2 on roots and cracking the top 5 in indie, pop and rock. This came shortly after featuring on the track ‘Flames’ by Aussie hiphop artist and Any Given Rap Competition winner Trigz alongside Joey Maker.

Anca has just returned from her first Australian tour with her 5 piece band to get the nation drunk on ‘Alcohol’, with a cheeky preview of releases to come. Her next single ‘Human Like You’ is due for release on July 27 2018. ‘Human Like You’ is a powerful song calling for people to treat everyone as a human being, and cries that even for the strongest people “if you say it enough maybe I’ll believe you.” It’s time we stop with power plays and start treating everyone with a little bit of respect, because “a little respect goes a long, long way.”

Anca is also excited to be a part of the Sydney Fringe Festival in September 2018!


Her Story:

“After finishing my uni degree I rediscovered my passion for music – something that I lost along the way. Music for me has always been a way of coping with overwhelming feelings – I can just write a song about it and it’s like a pensieve [Harry Potter reference ftw] for depositing the feeling. Everything I write comes from REAL feelings and REAL events in my life, which is something I feel passionately about. These days there is such a focus on what is important (such as happiness) and what we SHOULD feel, so all of the quirky and less glamorous bits in between often slip through the cracks. My mission through music is to share everything in between love and loss, no matter how cringy, because there are so many more feelings than just happiness, love and sorrow that are just as valid and if we continue to pretend they don’t exist then ultimately the inner conflict of what we ARE and what we SHOULD BE takes a toll on us (wow, got a bit deep there, soz guys!) What you see with me is very much what you get. Join me on my rollercoaster of wild and whacky adventures and make sure to keep yours just as real!”