I am SUPER excited to annouce the release date of Tomorrow in Sight is set for November 30 2017!!!!! The launch show is scheduled for December 3 2017 at Stave’s Brewery in Glebe, 7-10pm, so there are 4 days for you to learn the lyrics and sing along!!! I am honoured to have the amazingly talented Gabe Levin and Willem Sherlock Roorda supporting me on the night, it is not to be missed!!! And guess what? Entry is FREE!!!!! Come celebrate with me and enjoy the incredible music from my beautiful friends, I can’t wait!!!

Spotlight song this week:

2. Red Flags

This song is about when you’re in that almost in a relationship stage and you start to question and over think whether or not it will work out. In my case I was already seeing signs that I knew would be a problem down the track, so I wrote this song to tell myself to take a serious think about whether or not it was worth my time and effort to continue forwards. It has become somewhat of a personal anthem now – every time I catch myself getting close to someone I go back and sing it to remind myself to calm down and be realistic about the situation. It is one of my favourite songs to play purely because of how strong and independent I feel afterwards!


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