Learning to Let Go

Hey there! In the lead up to my debut EP release I will be posting each week the name of one of the songs on the record along with the story behind it, hope you’re getting as excited as I am!

  1. Learning to Let Go

This is the first song I wrote after leaving high school. The overall theme is about learning to let go of all of the things that once knocked us down, with the idea being that while we may not get to choose the things that happen to us, we DO get to choose how we carry on with our lives. I wrote this song at a time when I was fighting with some demons from my past, and I discovered that I had this choice. If we choose to live in the past then we are limiting our ability to grow and be who we aim to be. This is the track that the EP title comes from, with the lyric being “…with the past out of mind and tomorrow in sight I can finally be the person I want to be.” This is my favourite track on the record and goodness me I CANNOT WAIT to share it with you! Keen for a sneak preview? I’ll be playing it at the Northern Beaches Music Festival on Friday November 3, come check it out!

Much love,

Anca xoxo

Photo by Larry McGrath

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